Meet the Blunt Branding Team

Kirsten M. Nelson, Principal  

Clarity and Simplicity. Two of Kirsten's favorite things. They're are also pretty badass tools to get BIG results for her clients.

A Seattle transplant from Idaho, Kirsten's myopic focus is on getting results and helping businesses grow.

Kirsten's speciality is in the behind-the-scenes technology that drives successful marketing in today's constantly changing tech environment. When you work with Kirsten, you get the advantage of her nerdy obsession for staying on top of all the latest trends and ins-and-outs of navigating social media and email marketing. (All the things you know should be done for the growth and health of your business, but just keep getting pushed to the back burner.)

Educational Background & Track Record

Kirsten's unique breadth of knowledge of current marketing platforms and educational background focus on business, marketing, and finance with an emphasis in business infrastructure necessary for explosive growth. 

In addition to ghostwriting a Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Kirsten has a solid track record of helping her clients and achieve their business goals. She's helped a specialty retailer client increase sales more than 4.5x in one year (an increase of $500k in revenue). Kirsten helped another client who thought he'd capped out his annual revenue and saturated his local market sign $2 million more in contracts in one year than he'd signed in over 20 years of business by helping him devise a marketing strategy to extend his local reach to tap into a global market hungry for what he sells.

As a marketing consultant, project manager, copywriter and ghostwriter–Kirsten is a bit of a random fact receptacle and loves applying what she calls the Henry Ford Principle, applying processes and concepts from one field to another seemingly unrelated area to make it easier to accomplish more.

For Kirsten, it’s all about what makes things tick—both people and businesses—that gives her a nerdy delight as she helps clients clarify objectives and create a solid plan of action to achieve and sustain business growth in an ever-changing technological market.

When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, spreadsheet or mindmap, Kirsten enjoys being a servant to a handsome orange tabby, Elvis the Cat and exploring the offensively beautiful PNW with her two sons.

Shango Los

Chief of Strategy & Relationship Liason


Host of the popular podcast, the cannabis industry's leading podcast on innovation and disruption, Shango offers unique industry insights, breadth of knowledge of the cannabis industry to help connect and guide strategic relationships and understanding of brand strategy and business growth.

Before he departed to found Shaping Fire, Shango was founder and host of the podcast and produced 54 episodes interviewing cannabis luminaries about cannabis business and cannabis as medicine. The show was listened to by tens of thousands every week. Shango was also Director of Content and Brand Strategy for

As a lifelong cannabis enthusiast, entrepreneur and business consultant, Shango advocates for patients, heritage cannabis growers and responsible & sustainable commercial cannabis businesses. 

Anthony Garcia

chief of Brand Strategy & Copywriting


Anthony brings a long track record of success to the table with his experience as a marketing strategist, consultant and a seasoned writer. His experience, insight and direct approach have helped numerous business owners enjoy explosive growth.

After spending 15 years in broadcast management and production, Anthony worked with Roy H. Williams a.k.a. The Wizard of Ads.  While at Wizard of Ads Anthony wrote hundreds of ads, developed marketing and branding strategies and handled multi-million dollars marketing budgets for clients including Leo Schachter Diamonds. Anthony specialized in developing successful brands through a creative blend of approaches designed to get results.  

Anthony has also worked with companies like Webex, Universal Orlando, HP, and several other Fortune 500 companies. 

Leigh Jeffery

Creative Director & chief of graphic design


Leigh Jeffery is a graphic designer and illustrator with over 15 years of professional artistic experience. She has created brands, logos and custom illustrations for international best-selling authors, celebrities, high level executives and many small business owners.

Leigh has a rare and unique ability to interpret business owners' visions for their brands into beautiful designs that capture audience attention and engagement.

Fully literate in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, Leigh also enjoys illustrating and painting with traditional media and has three times had her work featured in the Wacom Galleries. 

Web Development 

Website & Tech development & Optimization


Whether you need help with web development, upgrading and optimizing your current website, developing a mobile app, our web development team is experienced with solving problems and making things work better.

With over 10 years of experience, Fortune 1000 customers and over 700+ successful projects, our Web Development team develops world-class web and mobile applications for customers across the globe.

Delivering reliable technology and outsourcing services worldwide, we pride ourselves in the diversity of the expertise that we offer and our impeccable record with satisfied clients so far.

Much of this success is owed to some of the most rigorous and effective methodology that we employ in our production process to ensure dependable results.