About Blunt Branding

Headquartered on Vashon Island near Seattle, WA we take a bit of a different approach to marketing (and we make no apologies for being different).

Our focus is not solely on WHAT you should do to increase sales and reach your short-term revenue goals. We don’t do short-term tactics and gimmicks — If that’s what you want, please stop reading and head back to your Google search results.

Before we work on WHAT you should do to reach your business goals, we focus on your WHY and the underlying passion that fuels your drive in your business.

With your WHY foundation clarified and solidly in place, together we will assess your goals, resources and objectives and map out an individualized plan that is best suited to you and your company.

We work with clients in all niches in the cannabis industry to create a comprehensive branding experience that will help you to develop lasting relationships with customers, vendors, community and everyone you and your business interact with. We like to say that our business isn’t just about business – our business is people, passion, and making a difference.


Our Client Philosophy

We strongly believe in all of our clients. It's important that your values align with ours so we can more effectively help you get what you want. To help our clients get the best results, we only work with clients where there is trust, a connection and the rapport necessary for success.

In short: If we don't think we're a good fit for your company, we won't take your money. It's a values thing.

Blunt Branding Values

  • We believe in simplicity.

  • We believe in finding and taking the shortest path between today and results.

  • We believe in challenging old ideas and exploring new perspectives.

  • We believe in investing in relationships.

  • We believe in helping people find what they're looking for.

  • We believe in creating experiences that are impossible to forget.

  • We believe in playing smarter, not harder.

  • We believe in really good cannabis.

  • We believe in respect.

  • We believe in having fun.

  • We believe in feeling good.

  • We believe in your legal rights.

  • We believe in freedom, justice and the daily lives of real people like you.

  • We believe in the relentless pursuit of superior customer experience.

  • We believe that relationships tromp transactions.

  • We believe things should be there when you need them.

  • We believe in doing what we say.

  • We believe in the awesomeness of a good nap.

  • We believe that sugar-coated truth is impotent.

  • We believe in audacious goals.

  • We believe you can build your rocket ship while flying it.

  • We believe it's 4:20 somewhere.

  • We believe in owning the course of your life.

  • We believe in putting yourself out there, even when it scares you.

  • We believe you can do big things.

  • We believe life is too short for bad flower.

 We believe in you...