Feed Your Bottom Line

Most marketing firms are excited to make your logo, packaging and website very pretty, but they leave responsibility for improving your bottom line up to you. They don’t want that kind of responsibility. But that is pretty much the most important part of marketing, right?


Kirsten and her team at Blunt Branding will help you engage new customers, funnel them to your point of sale whether it be online or a storefront and keep them coming back to you and telling their friends. Blunt Branding is focused on increasing your revenue, not just making you pretty. 

If you happen to be a new cannabis company or an established company moving from medical to adult use in your state, Kirsten especially can help you. Not only is she well-versed in marketing and finance but she totally gets cannabis, whole plant medicine, terpenes, heritage farmers, scaling and the particular needs of start-ups. If you’re not a cannabis company, Kirsten can help you too. The team is also presently working in health and beauty aid, broadcasting, publishing, and thought leader marketing industries.

If you want someone to implement marketing programs that feed your bottom line, give Blunt Branding a call. They will share proven techniques to increase your audience and generate sales while using cutting edge technology solutions in the background that make all of this easy, automatic and trackable. 

Blunt Branding. Marketing that makes you money.